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La Cadena World Premiere

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The World Premier of La Cadena was held on Saturday July 31, 2021 at Fe y Poder Church, one of the film's sponsors. Nearly 60 people were in attendance including numerous family, friends and industry professionals including Colin Njemanze, Joan Montreuil and Annette Eberly.

Alfred shared his journey as a writer, producer and director, the prophetic word spoken over his ministry and his testimony on God's faithfulness in providing all the resources (finances, cast, crew and sponsors) to bring this film to fruition.

The cast and crew fielded questions and shared their experiences in the making of the film. The evening ended with a prayer and blessing from Pastor Joseph Montalvo, Pastor of Centro de Discipulado Voz de Salvacion church.

"it was one of the best Christian movies I've seen lately," commented actress writer and producer, Annette Eberly of A.E. Productions.

Cast member, Javier Job Frutos, shared that "the message [was] powerful as it aired. That movie will bring people to faith."

Kris Gallardo Blanco, stated that the film "had a great message. Always put your trust in God," while Kathryn Rodriguez said "So honored to attend this Christian Film Premiere...definitely felt the Spirit."

Award winning author/writer, producer and director Joan Montreuil praised the film by saying, "Awesome movie! I can't wait until souls are saved by the message!"

Premiere photographs taken courtesy of Cathy Guevara-Garcia.

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