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Preaching God's Word and Testimony in Baytown, TX

On Sunday August 15, 2021, Alfred was invited to be the guest speaker by Pastor Nestor Gonzalez at Jesus Christ is Lord Church (Iglesia Jesucristo es El Senor) in Baytown, TX. During this Back to School Blessing service, Alfred preached his message entitled "Bring your spiritual pencils, there will be a test" to the congregation sharing the trials and tribulations believers face and how he experienced God's faithfulness during these trials during his life as a Christian and in the journey as a filmmaker.

The congregation was a blessing to Alfred by purchasing all the DVD and Blu-ray copies of the film "La Cadena" in support of the ministry of ROCA Production Films. Many expressed their interest in partnering with Alfred as a filmmaker and registered on the website.

Pastor Nestor was blessed by Alfred's testimony as heard on Radio Amistad on July 7, 2021. He immediately engaged Alfred to show interest in ROCA Production Films ministry and invited him to share God's Word and his testimony to the congregation. Alfred's message can be viewed on the Youtube link below.

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